About Us

Founded in 2016, goCDG was created by energy developers who realized community solar is the key to a creating a more sustainable future.

Community Distributed Generation (CDG) allows any individual utility customer to be a little greener, by sourcing power directly from local community based power sources. Just as corporations have set internal sustainability goals to be more environmentally-friendly, CDG allows individuals to set personal sustainability goals. Not only do participating customers reduce their carbon footprints, they also save money and support the development of additional community power sources.

Sparked by that inspiration, the founders began building NYC’s first community solar farms, and quickly learned there was no established marketplace for customers to easily connect with local community power sources — and there was little general awareness about how community based programs can impact the environment.

Thus the goCDG team created a user-friendly platform to serve the premier online marketplace for Community Distributed Generation. Acting as a service provider, goCDG.com builds the bridge between individual community power sources and utility customers interested in supporting a nationwide transition to sustainable energy, while also saving money on their home energy bills.

A more sustainable future belongs to everyone — and Community Distributed Generation can help get us there. Join us.